Thursday, March 24, 2011

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wise words - Balochi song "Liko"

Gosh kanet brasan man shomara pante dayaan
Man shomara panti dayaan sarhala kanan
Kebleye pessani badal nakoh nabit
Makayeen masaani badal matoa nabit
Jann ke chemakeen resaage banaka nabit
Mard lagormaseenen resage sardara nabit
Changbaroten brasane badal brazahka nabit
Doorneshare bach teh dele darmana nabit
Pa janne vaslata vaserzahki braasi nabit
Nie mena nakoe, va nie mena brase layeki
Del baghayen ode bota marochen naomet
Nakoi darin yaghient meni pada nayet
Haak be ti chamano por be ti sardaria
Shamano pad maso goharano saat pa khoaria
Del mabandet pa nakoa va trohe possagaan
Ke teh washen rochah tra warant cho narmeenen tarokka
Sakken rochah jihaant pra zardeenen garokka
Ore nadan toh sheda hanno saar gereh
Meni salamo peghama pardeseen masa sar kane
Enjoy! If anyone have the time and energy to translate, plz share!

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Process

The process of creating balochi clothes is kind of complicated and requires patience, money and time. There are two ways, you can either buy a finished zee-astonk and fabric, or the hard way: let someone embroid the zee-astonk the design and color that u pick out, and buy fabric for it. Here are the different steps! :)

The easiest way: Just go to the bazaar and pick out a zee-astonk you like, as you can notice, there is obviously no lack of zee-astonks!

The "hard" way: You have to choose a unembroided zee-astonk, the pic below shows "printed zee-astonks", without threads or anything, just printed designs.

2. You need threads to embroid the "painted zee-astonk", and its all up to u what colors u want for ur zee-astonk....

3. And of course you'll need mirrors! There are differents mirrors so just pick out some hundreds and the only thing u need now is a lady who can embroid ur zee-astonk! :P

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


You do bad deeds and hope to get back good

Though bad deserves bad only in return.

God is merciful and kind, but even so,

If you plant barley, wheat won't grow.
- Rumi

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back with some more!

Hey guys! (those who are still with me! :) ) Apologize for the delay with updating the blog, my computer have been sent in for repair, it was in a very bad shape! Anyway, here is some eyecandy! Enjoy!

This dress is a unique pink panochi zeeastonk, special hand-made with unique colours of light and dark pink, and small mirrors. The fabric is a so called "g-por" with silk fabric underneath because the g-por is very transparent. Lately girls have started to avoid the covering fabric underneath the g-por, just to show more "skin" ! :D This dress is lovely and perfect for weddings or other majlis-gatherings, but it is also interesting to see how the zeeastonks are getting less and less embroided, compared to the other zeeastonks that don't have the "empty spaces". A kind of "less is more" attitude nowadays :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where are you?

You ask of me;

"Where are you?

Where are You?"

How would I know?

- Rumi (1207-1273)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thick Hair? Damn!

Well, as you guys have noticed, I haven't posted anything since spring, and I must admit that it is due to several reasons that I don't sit infront of the computer anymore, lack of time and interest! But here is something I bumped into on (uploaded by Surmaisham). I fell for the colorful differences on the veil, "dress" and pants! Actually the zeeastonk is a very cheap one, and not so detailed at all. Take a look at the hair AND the huuuge pants...damn!

I guess I have lost most of my blog-followers because I don't update frequently, but what to say......things change.